Lightweight Instrument Pod on display

Lightweight Instrument Pod nosecone

Lightweight carbon fibre external aircraft instrument pod on display at the 2009 Avalon Air Show and uncoated nosecone assembly, both built by Teakle Composites for BAE Systems Australia.

Glass tubes

Glass pipes

Fibreglass borehole liner awaiting shipment from Teakle Composites

HyCAUSE on the launchpadNosecone

Carbon fibre nosecone designed and built by two members of the Teakle Composites team. Pictures supplied by DSTO

Rocket liftoff

The same filament wound carbon fibre nosecone journeys into space, accelerating to 10,000 km/h in June 2007. Pictures supplied by DSTO

Moulded drill rod

Teakle Composites fibreglass drill rod joint assembly in Instron testing machine

Glass fibre epoxy

Teakle Composites glass fibre-epoxy male-female threaded test specimens








Double box drill rod

Glass fibre-epoxy drill rod prototype

carbon fibre-epoxy double box drill rod

Carbon fibre-epoxy drill rod prototype with embedded strain gauges and carbon nanotube-epoxy threads


Finite Element Analysis of bending of composite tubing

Finite Element Analysis of coiling of composite tubing performed by Teakle Composites for the CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship using MSC.AFEA software licensed to Teakle Composites

Smart coil demonstration

Carbon fibre tubing able to measure stresses in the tube wall using embedded sensors demonstrated by Teakle Composites for the CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship

3D model of composite metal joint

3D solid model of composite-metal joint constructed using SolidWorks software licensed to Teakle Composites

FE buckling analysis

Finite element buckling analysis of a large fibreglass nozzle under external pressure using MSC.AFEA software licensed to Teakle Composites

Wound glass fibre and lathe model

Winding carbon fibre onto a complex mandrel

Rocket plume

Rocket motor static test

Testing a carbon fibre rocket motor designed and built by Teakle Composites staff and UQ Mechanical Engineering students